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At 20/20 ChiroYoga, our pricing is based off of the AZ Workman's Compensation fee schedule, which is a State accepted fee program for medical treatment. Why Arizona? Because their cost of living is similar to that of NV and their fee schedule is easily found online (Nevada's is not). All cash pay patients are legally entitled to up to a 20% discount for any services rendered. In-network status is not a guarantee of full payment and all uncovered services are to be paid in full at the time of service.


  • (99201) Initial Exam                          $43.83

  • (98940) Adjustment                          $56.17

  • (97110) Yoga Therapy                       $60.51

  • (97014) E-muscle Stimulation        $27.12  

  • (S9090) Spinal Decompression.     $95.58

  • (S8948) Class IV Laser Tx                $62.61