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Yoga Therapy And Private Yoga



YOGA is the union of the mind, body, and spirit. It is conscious, movement meditation to heal, become aware of the self, and the fragile details within the body that at times, we take for granted.


The foundation of yoga is the pranayama or life

force, (the study of breath control). When the breath and the physical asanas (poses) move simultaneously, this practice can become the gateway to better circulation, to boosting the immune system, opening up the potential for a more flexible, balanced, stronger, aligned body which in turn creates a more still and centered mind.

Sometimes, especially in the world we live in and the lifestyles we have built for ourselves, we must find our personal sanctuary where we can move slowly, with care, with intention, to pay attention to what our body really needs. Sometimes we need to be still in order to listen to what our body is saying. 


Every individual; all that are in pain or suffering from injury, and those who have practiced yoga their entire life…there is something for everyone here at 20/20 ChiroYoga. There is knowledge for all. Every time we practice we learn, we empower, we find a little truth and we become a little bit more mindful of the fundamental needs that only we can give to ourselves. Begin your practice TODAY!

Are you looking for a Custom  Private Yoga experience?

Instead of walking into a room full of strangers in a large group setting, we provide an intimate space to truly develop your yoga practice in a customized fashion. From the moment you contact us, you control the experience as you get to choose your time and group size! No more rearranging your schedule to make it to that one class you wanted to attend only to get there and find out it is full or WAY TOO CROWDED. 

At 20/20 ChiroYoga, we offer Private 1-on-1 Yoga, Couples Yoga (perfect for date night!), and Small Group sessions where you and 3 - 6 of your closest friends can bond through your yoga practice.

Please Choose one of the following options:


Private Couples Yoga  - $150 (60 minutes)


Yoga is simply defined as THE UNION. Be the union and experience your union as a partnership as we dive into your individual practices together, in strength through meditation in motion. When we practice with our beloved one there is harmony and positive enduring energy that continues outside of the studio into your home, into your families, into your daily lives. Supporting each other during practice allows for a physical and mental appreciation of the other, where words cannot express. The body never lies. Allow your practice to speak truth to each other in the intimate form of taking class in the privacy of your togetherness. All sessions are specifically tailored for every unique and diverse couple that we encounter. When we say Namaste, let us all be reminded: The light within me sees the light within you.



Private Yoga & Yoga Therapy 

- $120 (60 minutes)


All Private 1-on-1 Sessions are custom designed to fulfill your requests and needs.  A private 60 min. class includes opening breathing exercises, gentle warm up depending on needs and severity of pain, a full body personal sequence specifically created for you, and always ending the session with a resting pose that best serves the patient. Our hope is that these private classes provide an attention and awareness to detail for both the teacher and the student to work on what can heal the body in the most effective way.  Our hope is that you leave our office feeling more energized, and more at ease

---better than when you arrived!



Private Group Yoga- $50/person (60 minutes)(3 - 7 People Required for Booking)


Our private small group yoga is perfect for yoga-loving friends, team-building with your work group, and distance cycling and running enthusiasts who are looking to stay flexible and strong as they train for their next big race. Bridgette offers a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga. And don't worry if your group is a mixture of Beginners and Advanced level students. Because the group size is limited to 6, Bridgette is able work with you individually to cater the class to your skill level. So gather up your friends and co-workers and schedule your own private group yoga class at a time that works for all of you!


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