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Bridgette Loriaux Bauer

Bridgette Loriaux Bauer is a certified 200-hour YTT Hatha Instructor.

Her respect and passion for movement has always been a guiding force

in her life as she is an international aerial performer, contemporary dancer, actor, choreographer, and theatre director. The focus during her classes is

moving with mindfulness, with breath, fluidity and clear intentions as

the body transitions from one asana (position) to the next; creating a

sanctuary for her students where they feel they can express themselves

physically and emotionally on the mat as they actively sow positive

seeds of self-care by giving energy and attention to the alignment of their spine. She believes that the student is the Guru and that the blend of healing and strengthening through the practice of yoga, yoga therapy and meditation can be essential to living a more vibrant, dynamic, compassionate life. Her commitment to building a culture where people ‘listen’ to their bodies, are more engaged physically and mentally in their daily lives and strive to live a lifestyle of authentic wellbeing is what inspires her to continue her life’s work. Her areas of expertise include teaching Gentle, Restorative, Prenatal, and Vinyasa (flow) for all skill and age levels.

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“ChiroYoga is the manifestation of Yin and Yang in a physical form. Two studies, two practices that with time, can become a life study and life practice. It is a synergistic approach to healing in a non-invasive, holistic way; giving the human body the chance to reveal its full potential.”


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