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YOGA is the union of the mind, body, and spirit. It is conscious, movement meditation to heal, become aware of the self, and the fragile details within the body that at times, we take for granted.


The foundation of yoga is the pranayama or life

force, (the study of breath control). When the breath and the physical asanas (poses) move simultaneously, this practice can become the gateway to better

circulation, to boosting the immune system, opening up the potential for a more flexible, balanced, stronger, aligned body which in turn creates a more still and centered mind.

Sometimes, especially in the world we live in and the lifestyles we have built for ourselves, we must find our personal sanctuary where we can move slowly, with

care, with intention, to pay attention to what our body really needs. Sometimes we need to be still in order to listen to what our body is saying. 


Every individual; all that are in pain or suffering from injury, and those who have practiced yoga their entire life…there is something for everyone here at 20/20 ChiroYoga. There is knowledge for all. Every time we practice we learn, we empower, we find a little truth and we become a little bit more mindful of the fundamental needs that only we can give to ourselves. Begin your practice TODAY!


Why a Yoga Therapy Practice?

Hatha Class

This Gentle Yoga class is the perfect introduction for those coming to the practice for the first time, those that have chronic pain, those that are healing from injury, and for beginner or intermediate practitioners that are looking for a quieter, slower paced, less intense movement sequence. We offer this class in the morning as this meditation through movement style is best practiced in the morning and/or evening to feel its full benefit. A Gentle Yoga Practice can relieve emotional and physical stress, anxiety, and can be extremely helpful during pregnancy.

Gentle Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Practice

The intention of this class is to  support you in your journey to a Pain-Free Pregnancy. This class is open to women in all prenatal stages. Through gentle poses, focussing on breath control, and fluid transitions, you will see and feel improvements with flexibility, reduced pain & stiffness, and a strengthened body in preparation for a smooth and easy delivery for Mama and Baby. Partners are encouraged to participate and attend class to enjoy some movement, meditation, and relaxation as well!

Prenatal Yoga


Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic application of the yoga practice. In this class we use props (bolsters, blocks, and straps) to help create passive traction in the body. The props support the entire body which in turn encourages the nervous system to retire and therefore creates this gentle release of tension and rigidity in the body directly related to chronic or dysfunctional stress. We hold the postures for 3 to 5 minutes as the teacher uses imagery and inviting language to inspire silence, tranquility, and profound relaxation. Restorative yoga is designed for those who may be prone to high blood, headaches, digestion issues, insomnia, respiratory issues, difficulties with immune system, and chronic back pain. This class is to ‘restore’ the self and to induce the relaxation response.

Restorative Yoga

Pilates Pose

Welcome to our Vinyasa (Flow) Class. We recommend this class to those who would like a more disciplined, dynamic, intense, and strengthening movement sequence. This class is for the beginner and intermediate student who have some experience with this style or who are wanting to learn more about it.  In this class we focus on the Pranayama (the study of breath control) to transition from pose to pose. We create heat within the body to detox and cleanse; work the abdominal muscles to lessen lower back pain, for endurance, and to build a strong foundation of yoga asana which lends itself to finding stillness in balance poses and a more open, receptive mind and spirit during the Savasana or Resting Pose.

Vinyasa Flow

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